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I don’t like parties. There was never a party I was at where I didn’t wish I was somewhere else. - Peter Capaldi


I don’t like parties. There was never a party I was at where I didn’t wish I was somewhere else. - Peter Capaldi



Lived Experience: Anecdote

Safe Space: Echo Chamber

White Cis Male: Triple Hitler

Gender: The Pokemon Ditto

Trigger: Thing I Dislike

Mansplaining: Using Facts

Ableism: Disagreeing With Me

Fedora: Thing Person Who Disagrees With Me Wears

Fat: 1. (In Case of Woman) Oppressed Minority 2. (In Case of Man) Thing Person Who Disagrees With Me Is

Actually: I’m About To Make Up So Much Shit


People that’re cisphobic and proud:

People that’re heterophobic and proud:

People that’re racist against white people and proud:

People that’re misandric and proud:

Yeah, you’re not a “special little snowflake” for being these things. You aren’t changing the world from “fighting fire with fire,” you’re only being as ignorant and idiotic as transphobics, homophobics, misogynists, and racists, except even more gross and self-proclaimed.


Tumblr social justice: 

Explaining how you are racist with racism

Explaining how you are sexist with sexism

Explaining how you are hateful with hate

Explaining how you are intolerant with intolerance

Conversation with an SJW
SJW: Rape is bad!
Me: Yeah, rape is a terrible crime. It can really mess up a person physically and mentally. I'd say...
SJW: Rape is worse than murder!
Me: Well... I wouldn't say so. I mean, after being raped you might be messed up, but you're alive! You have the chance to overcome it, seek support, and still live your lif...
SJW: All men are rapist!
Me: What, that is just plain absurd! Women are more than capable of being rapists and to try to claim that every man is just a blank slate waiting for rape to be painted on is just as bad as saying all women are blank slates waiting for child abuse to be writte...
SJW: We live in a rape culture!
Me: No, we don't. That's just plain dum....
SJW: Don't tell me to stay safe, tell men not to rape!
Me: But, again women can rape and we already teach people not to rap...
SJW: Racism is bad!
Me: I completely agree! Though, I'd say irrational hatred of any type is bad, but racism is definite...
SJW: All white people should die!
Me: Isn't that racism...
SJW: White people have no culture!
Me: What!? Come on, of course we have culture! We have tons of culture! Russian culture, Spanish culture, Italian culture, French cul....
SJW: Multi-culturalism!
Me: Completely agree, other cultures ar...
SJW: Cultural appropriation!
Me: But, doesn't that contradict what you said?
SJW: Sexism is bad.
Me: Yeah, though like I said last time, irrationally hatred of any type is not goo...
SJW: Men are all horrible, disgusting people!
Me: What!? That's is sexism! Like, for real what you just said is dictionary definition...
SJW: #killallmen Misandry for life
Me: But... you just said sexis....
SJW: Male tears, men can't get raped!
Me: What the fuck!? That is ridiculously wrong and just plain...
SJW: Homophobia is bad!
Me: I completely agree.
SJW: Heterosexuality is a social construct!
Me: Oh, lovely. Of course it is...
SJW: Gay men are misogynistic!
Me: What the flying fuck? You just said homphobia is bad and then said something intensely homophobic!
SJW: Political lesbianism is perfectly acceptable!
Me: But, doesn't that just reinforce the idea that homosexuality isn't real? It also reinforced the idea that sexuality is a choi...
SJW: Transphobia is horrible.
Me: Just waiting to see how you fuck this up.
SJW: Please use my made up preferred pronouns or you're oppressing me!
Me: What? You can't just make up stupid words and claim they're what define you. I mean, most people really truly feel like they are the opposite sex and try their hardest to become that! It's clear you're just making this trash up to feel like a special snowflake!
SJW: Die cis scum!
Me: What the fuck?
SJW: Fat acceptance!
Me: I guess in some se....
SJW: Skinny bitches should kill themselves!
Me: Oh, come on!
SJW: If you don't date a fat person, you're evil!
Me: No, preferences are not a bad thing, you know.
SJW: Just because a person is mentally ill doesn't mean they're evil!
Me: Yeah, but you're gonna fuck this up....
SJW: I have self diagnosed myself with everything!
Me: You do realize that only adds to the problem, right? Most people think mental illness is a joke or fad and you clearly are treating it like one too! You can't just self diagnose because, like your transsexual thing, you're treating it like a fashion accessory and use it as a way to make yourself more special! As a guy who's been mentally ill, I feel pretty piss...
SJW: Ableism is bad.
Me: Oh god, how're you gonna fuck this up?
SJW: You can't say stupid, idiot, moron, cretin, retarded, psychopath, crip..
Me: You know what, shut up! Shut the fuck up, you fucking moron! You start out with some good point like sexism, racism, rape, homophobia, or transphobia are bad and then twist it around into some fucking nonsense! Yeah, all these things are bad, but you're part of the problem! You take these serious issues and degrade them into complete nonsense or contradict yourself! Yes, sexism, racism, homophobia, mental illness stigma and transphobia are bad, but part of the problem! You who makes up bullshit trans pronouns, you who self diagnoses with everything even though you probably have none of them, you who says sexism is bad and then shames men, you who says racism is bad and then shames whites, you who's for multiculturalism but when someone takes part in it it's cultural appropriation, you who says rape is bad then you spreads lies, misleading statistic and then has the fucking gall to say it's part of our culture!? If it was, wouldn't accusing someone of rape be a good thing or nothing to worry about, yet you do it anyways! Do you even act for a main cause, or are you just here to whine until all your problems fucking go away! Well guess what, if you're trying to accomplish something, you're not going to accomplish it by whining! Good night!
SJW: God, what a shitlord.


The fucked up thing about South Park is that not only do 12 year olds watch it, they glorify Cartman. They find his racist behavior hilarious, it normalizes it for them, and they’re gonna grow up thinking that all the disgusting shit on that show is ok

Cartman is an over the top caricature of everything that’s wrong with whatever issue they discuss. That’s the entire point of his character, since day one. They put the horrible views that you’re not supposed to have into his mouth as he is a selfish asshole who does all kinds of horrible things including kill a kid’s parents and serve them to him as stew. People who don’t understand South Park or who’ve never actually watched it are the ones who think that fans glorify Cartman’s behavior. 

Notice how in literally every episode in which Cartman hatches some selfish scheme, everyone has a problem with it. Because he’s a horrible person. That’s the point.


Things the new south park episode was making fun of:

  • People who treat being transgender as a trend or a choice
  • SJW’s who think that hating cis people will make things better

Things the new south park episode was not making fun of:

  • actual trans people